When I initially taped this segment for Frontline I had no idea how technology would in the months ahead impact my relationships. Because of certain family issues Ive blogged about a huge rift has resulted with my in laws. For them, their take on blogs and the internet is airing your dirty laundry for the entire world to feast on. I on the other hand feel so thankful that I have a blog and a community like twitter with whom to share my life. For me during this diffcult period with my in laws the support Ive gotten via the webisphere and social media has essentially been a life line for me. The only concrete change Ive made since taping the segment is that I am now per my daughetrs request shutting off my blackberry. I'm learning that I need to shutdown in order to make my kids feel that they're a priority...Although I'll admit sometimes I find it difficult.

DN direct link: http://www.pbs.org/frontline/digitalnation/participate/?p=1095

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