Like it says in the vid, I'm Jeff Newelt AKA Jahfurry and I'm a PR/Social Media consultant/teacher (and comics editor, and jazz/reggae promoter/performer, and writer). Being a Social Media consultant means I get paid to be on Facebook. I teach people what "poking" means, I cut signal through the noise on behalf of cool clients like Doug Rushkoff (of Digital Nation fame), Paul Pope, DJ Spooky, Molly Crabapple, Royal Flush, Bill Ayers and others badasses. But mastering social media is not just about pushing information out, its about controlling what comes in. Managing your incoming feed is as important as learning how to get info out there if you want to stay both informed and sane. It's unnatural and unnecessary to receive ANY information from certain people, I.E. exes, enemies, total strangers, and its often TOXIC. Doug Rushkoff asked me to tell my poignant/embarrassing social media story, and I agreed to do so, even though I don't enjoy, and actually FRIKKIN' HATE, giving information about my or hearing about other's relationships, AT ALL. IT'S PERSONAL, and in the "Sex and the City" age folks OVERTALK, BUT in this case, I did so, and talked about the "Facebook surgery" I conducted because I realized that, I'm good at this stuff and others may not be. Also the ettiquette of Social Media is really just being formed. I was willing and able to delete an ex and her relatives and friends without any guilt, or without feeling like a pussy, because its JUST NOT NATURAL to have certain folks in your feed. Imagine someone running into your cubicle at work and shoving photos in your face of your ex-girlfriend, her cousin, her new beau, etc... it's not that big of a deal but IT JUST AINT RIGHT>. Neither is having these people in your feed, or even as friends at all. DON'T BE AFRAID TO DELETE FRIENDS. If you don't delete ex's (ones you don't plan on ever being friends with) you'll be tempted to PEEK, and THAT AIN'T NATURAL, is like being given the ability to be a fly on the wall at parties that no way in hell you should be invited to nor should u want to go to. SO MUCH TIME AND EMOTION IS WASTED by having unnecessary people in your feeds / as friends. PRUNE YOUR NETWORK. If folks get offended you deleted them, that's more proof you were right to do so.

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