Your Name: Chloe Young


Grade Level: 6


School or Organization Name: Temasek Primary School


Co-Presenter Name(s): Aeron Young (8th Grade, Hwa Chong Institution)


Area of the World from Which You Will Present: Republic of Singapore, Asia


Language in Which You Will Present:  English


Target Audience(s): People who have in the use of technology to improve health.  Some basic interest in electronics is helpful.


Short Session Description (one line): Health Application using Sensors


Full Session Description (as long as you would like):


We will describe to people how to improve vision health using electronic sensors and how we can apply it to our daily life. The sensors are attached through wires to an Arduino circuit board, with a simple programme; hence, a basic interest in electronics will be useful to appreciate our sharing.  We will also be showing people our invention and how we apply the use of sensors to help students’ eyesight during near work (reading book, gadgets or computer).


Sensors can play a major part in helping people, including our eyesight.  When we do work or even leisure gaming or use of social media, sensor can detect the distance between our eyes and the paper or computer. Some sensors can also detect the light intensity.  With the the Internet of Things (IOT) becoming more popular, sensors will be everywhere, including our kitchen and our bedroom!  We think this is a really cool development in technology, and that more people should have at least an appreciation for how sensors help improve our lives.  




Websites / URLs Associated with Your Session: -NIL-

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