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Krish Mehra

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Brady Middle School


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Kids, parents, and educators;

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In this session, I will talk about how kids of the current and coming generations need to learn coding to fuel future innovation through technology.

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As we speak different apps such as Instagram, Twitter, Uber, and even YouTube are becoming even more essential to our everyday lives. All of these apps were made by people coding them. The only way to keep the pace of our technologically fast-moving world is to introduce more people to the concept of coding. In this session, I will explain about why we need more kids in the field of coding, how we can get more kids into coding, and how they can get started. At Brady Middle School, I created a coding club to introduce kids in my school to coding.

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Hi Krish,

Could you add me and my friends in your coding club? Or may be we can start a coding club here in St. Albert's Higher Secondary School, Ernakulam, Kerala, India. In the latter case, we shall invite you to speak to the club members online.

Congratulations and all the very best to a very successful presentation.

If time does not conflict, we shall be online, watching your presentation online.\



May we plant a tree in your honor, Krish?



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