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Margaret "Laney" Blair

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Harrison School for the Arts

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Educators and Students

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This session will share both how to acquire open source media and the appropriate ways to use it.

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In this session, you will receive multiple resources for acquiring open source materials ranging from music to images. You will also learn the proper ways to incorporate these materials into your own work while obeying copyright laws.

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Hellow Margaret "Laney" Blair!

Your presentation begins in less than 30 minutes! Please navigate to your session room and set up before your event! 

Eunice Daudu and Gaby Palines
Co-coordinators of the 2017 Student STEM + Entrepreneurship Conference

May we plant a tree in your honor?


Yes, of course! My name is Margaret Blair, I go to school at Lois Cowles Harrison Center for the Visual and Performing Arts, and the website is 


STEM + Entrepreneurship


The Learning Revolution

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